The Nation's Smallest Town and Highest Point on I-80

Buford Trading Post
Buford, Wyoming

Buford Trading Post Buford Wyoming

Trading Post History

As a Second Lieutenant before the Civil War, General John Buford was assigned to the 2nd Dragoons, and traveled to Salt Lake City. We believe he came through Buford, Wyoming and gave his name to the town that lives on today. Buford was originally founded in 1866 as a fort, built to protect the railroad workers building the first transcontinental railroad and settlers moving west.

Buford lives on today with the Buford Trading Post. As it did in the 19th century, the Buford Trading Post serves travelers crossing the nation. We’re more modern than we were in 1866. We now have 24-hour gas and diesel, and ice, camping supplies, and RV parking.

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