Lone Resident Speaks About Nations Smallest Town

Lone Resident Speaks About Nations Smallest Town – Buford Wyoming

Don Sammons talks about having his own zip code with Wyoming’s K2TV news.

You may have seen it along the way. “There’s a sign down the road”, or simply drive right by it with a single blink of the eye!

“I like the open space” Says Don, Sammons.

But nestled between Cheyenne and Laramie is a man with his own zip code and the claim to fame of being the smallest town in America!

“I always tell people that I’ve traveled around the world and you don’t move to Buford Wyoming by accident” Sammons laughs “You have to want to be here!”.

Although small, the second oldest town in Wyoming is full of history. Having seen President Ulysses S Grant and Franklin Delano Roosevelt pass through. And, it was even robbed by Butch Cassidy in the 1800’s! Read more about Buford Wyoming History

Over 140 years later and nearly 2000 residents less, Don has transformed Buford’s theme.

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