Buford One, Buford Wyoming

"Nation's Smallest Town" Known Around the World

Don Shares Buford One with The Maya Beach Book Club in Belize

By on April 12, 2017

International interest in Don Sammons’ personal story and his life as the sole resident in Buford, Wyoming, a U.S. town he owned and managed, continues to thrive.  Don was recently invited to share his book, Buford One, which tells the amazing true story of how Don developed a town and then sold it to the world, with the members of The Maya Beach Book Club in Belize.  Belize is a tiny country in Central America on the Western edge of the Caribbean Sea, formerly known as British Honduras.  Notably, the weather was quite different in Belize for the meeting (a balmy 75 degrees) compared to an icy cold, yet crisp day in Buford, Wyoming.