Buford One, Buford Wyoming

"Nation's Smallest Town" Known Around the World

Don Sammons

By on November 18, 2013

The sole resident of Buford, Wyoming.

Population: 1

“You don’t move to Buford, Wyoming by accident –
you have to want to be here.”
Don Sammons

Don Sammons at Buford Trading Post
Don Sammons at Buford Trading Post

Meet Don Sammons,
Former Mayor of Buford, Wyoming

Don moved to Buford, Wyoming from California in 1980 with his family – a wife and son, which increased the population of Buford to a town of population: 3.

Don’s wife passed away several years ago and his son grew up and moved on. This left Don once again as the sole resident of Buford.

Population, 1.

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Have You Been To Buford Wyoming?

The Buford Trading Post has been a fixture on the Wyoming prairie between Laramie and Cheyenne since its inception. The highest town along Interstate 80 between New York and San Francisco and the nation’s smallest town. Read about the Buford Trading Post, its history, how it came to be and what’s in store for the future.