Buford One, Buford Wyoming

"Nation's Smallest Town" Known Around the World

Don Sammons Author

By on April 25, 2014

  • Former Owner of Buford, Wyoming
  • Author of Buford One. The amazing true story of how one man developed a town and then sold it to the world.
  • Co-Mayor “PhinDeli Town Buford”

Don Sammons captured the interest of the world when he decided to sell his one-man-town of Buford, Wyoming, at auction in April 2012. People around the globe became infatuated with the idea of owning an American town and were thoroughly intrigued with the idea of a man living in a town with the population of one.

Media outlets in 110 countries, reaching more than 1.3 billion people shared the story of Don and his town. Persons from 46 countries attended the live global auction on-site and online at www.auctionnetwork.com. A Vietnamese businessman who flew to the United Sates to bid in-person at the auction was the successful high bidder and started his own American dream. As a Vietnam War Veteran (1968-69), Don found it poetic to hand his dream over to a Vietnamese man who reminded Don of a version of himself 30 years ago.

Who is Don Sammons?

Don purchased the now famous convenience store and fuel station in Buford, Wyoming in 1992 and served as the town’s everyman including, Mayor, Sheriff, postman, tow operator, store clerk, and was the face of the town for 30 years.

Don and his wife moved to Buford in 1980 from Newport Beach, California. Originally from St. Louis, Don thirsted for more open space to call his own and owning the town of Buford more than delivered on his dream.

Today, Don resides near his son in Colorado. He has been hired by the Vietnamese owner to oversee the operation of the town and has been named “Co-Mayor” of the newly renamed “PhinDeli Town Buford.”

In Don’s book, Buford One, he shares his one-man story about how he did what he did…and why. Buford One is available for purchase at Amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com.

Don is available for interviews and speaking engagements and can be reached through his publicist, Amy Bates. She can be reached at [email protected] or 918-720-1590.