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"Nation's Smallest Town" Known Around the World


By on November 27, 2013

Read book reviews of Buford, Wyoming’s unique tale Buford One:

“I loved rollicking in this man’s unique life adventures! I admire his ingenuity, his keen business sense, resiliently dedicated work ethic, and personal beliefs. The “easy going” reading style is enjoyable and provides fascinating insights into a self-directed truly rugged individual.”  Geraldine L. Dotzler

Book Reviews of Buford One  

The story of America’s smallest town is as compelling as its longtime owner and is a true reflection of the grit, stamina, optimism and never-quit attitude of Don Sammons and the Western Frontier.

It all started with the purchase of a convenience store and gas station on a lonely stretch of highway between Cheyenne and Laramie in Wyoming.  And, it became a worldwide fascination.

Don Sammons captured the interest of the world when he decided to sell his one-man-town of Buford, Wyoming at auction.  Media outlets in 110 countries, reaching more than 1.3 billion people, shared the story of Don and his little western town.

In his book, Buford One, Don shares his one-man story about how he took the small idea of buying a roadside convenience store and gas station in an isolated area and turned it into a media attraction and gathering place for neighbors, commuters and tourists, alike.


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“Buford without Don Sammons? Unthinkable”   Pierce Morgan


“It’s an amazing tale. I couldn’t stop grinning”  Anonymous


“I found Buford One very interesting because of Don Sammons’ adventurous attitude, and the fact he always made his adventures work. It was a great read.”  Janice Barnett


“Truly amazing how one person can do so much when you put you heart & soul into something, it’s a wonderful example of what we all can do when we truly want too, This story should be read by anyone who want to accomplish something, It was just fun and exciting to read, I enjoyed the independence , strength & determination at the shootout at the OK coral !!!!”   Anonymous


“Everyone on this planet has a deeper story than what we all see from the outside. Don is no exception; in fact, Don is a prime example of this for me.

I met Don a few years back when a comedy tour I was on decided to make a pit stop and impromptu comedy show in Don’s convenience store in Buford. This was one of my highest anticipated moments from our tour that summer and Don was more than welcoming to our group. From what I met that day, Don was a very kindhearted loyal gentlemen, very high character and thoughtful of others. As I read through this book, I see how he got there.

I’d recommend anyone to check out Don’s story. From all the ups to all the downs, it really is interesting all the way through. As a suburbanite from outside of Philadelphia, Don’s life and mine are markedly different, and much of what I read opened my mind to a whole different way of life. Don really built something special in his one man town and it was extremely interesting to see how he got there.

Congrats to Don for writing this book, and good for you to finding it on Amazon. I highly suggest reading this novel.”  Tommy Stackhouse


“Great read”  Jan D.


“Wonderful and fun story”  Starr C.


“This book is amazing, it show what you can accomplish when you put your full energy and soul into it,I could not put it down it is a great read, Outstanding job, Well done !!” Anonymous


“5.0 out of 5 stars A fascinating story — One man’s impact on history!”  Anonymous


“As someone who has known the author for more than 40 years I wish you to know what you read in his book is the man. I’ve watched him fail & fix the failure, misstep and turn it into a huge step forward and even survive when most would quit. In my eyes he is a real cowboy. Reading this book is like watching Don and Buford melded into one all over again.

I like this book because I know the author, but also because it’s exciting in the way real life is exciting, without all the exaggeration and “artistic license”.

I give this book four stars because no one is prefect, although I can’t imagine living a life that’s much closer than Don’s.”  Nancy


“I find stories about people’s lives so interesting. There is always so much more than meets the eye. Don Sammons’ story is no exception. To many people who pass through Buford, WY, it is a stop on the highway on the way to one’s adventure. To Don, Buford was the adventure. Buford One captures the personal story of the man who created “the town” — the trials, the tribulations, the wins and the losses. In it, Don shares how this small town captured the attention of the world. It’s a great weekend read!”  Amy B.


“Loved it! It’s an easy read. I was able to finish this book in one evening. Meeting all of the characters really moved me, especially his first love and the woman he declined, the Korean bride character. This book is a true testimony that we need determination in our lives. Read this book!”  Anonymous


“This book is outstanding, It is a true story that could be anyone life story if you are willing to follow your dream and not give up when it get difficult , a must read . unbelievable what someone can achieve when you do your best,A true life adventure.”  Anonymous


“I thought ‘Wow, this is amazing. Where is Wyoming?’”  Nguyen Dinh Pham on learning about the sale of Buford, Wyoming


“4.0 out of 5 stars  The real story without “artistic license”  Anonymous

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