Buford One

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Buford population 1, antelope

The amazing TRUE story of how one man developed a town
and then sold it to the world.

Take one convenience store with gas and diesel tanks. Operate it on I-80 smack dab in the big middle of nowhere, about half-way between Cheyenne and Laramie.Add a house. Convert two old buildings – one historic – to be an office, warehouse and parking garage. Add cell tower. Add a bank of Post Office boxes, a turn-around location for Fed Ex trucks, and small “lots” with electricity and water for weekly rental by state road repairmen.Add tow trucks, a snow plow, a salvage yard down in a ravine, and Western Union capability. Serve breakfast and lunch in the store, and pizza from a pizza oven. Sell expensive oil paintings and high-end turquoise jewelry, alongside postcards, T-shirts, ice, beer, snack foods and sundries. Keep it going 24/7, open every day but Christmas. All on 9.9 acres.

Mix it all together and
you have a TOWN.
Population 1.

And when you decide to move on after 30 years, sell it on an internet auction to an international buyer in 11 minutes..

Here’s how Don Sammons did what he did…
and why.


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Where in the world is Buford, Wyoming?

What You Can Learn From Buford One

Life is unexpected! Get tough when times get tough, and be amazed at the result. Being alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

People truly are amazing.

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